sábado, 27 de setembro de 2014

orange lovers*****

hello everybody!!!! As many of you may know the coulor of this fall is orange and i must say that personally i have been loving this coulor so much, i think it goes just right with every style you might have and with every occasion. Either on a piece of clothing, accessories or even in your make up it just looks perfect! I`ve found some items i thought i would share with you!

This two jackets are quite similar but i loved them so much that i had to put both of them here.


Here are some bluses that i liked...



Topshop 59.00EUR
forever21 14.95EUR

now into make up i absulutly love orange lipsticks so this are my favorites:

mac neonorange-16$
mac lady danger-16$

topshop-coral 10EUR

kiko-smartlipstick 907orange-3.90EUR
Topshop orangered 10EUR
so this is it i hope you liked it,  also there were so many things that i loved but i only picked my favorites. Let me know which orange items are your favorites and which ones you won`t stop using this fall. Xx Bea <3

segunda-feira, 15 de setembro de 2014

ankle boots

hello!!! So everyone knows that this year must have in your closet are ankle boots. Personally i love them so that is why i was so exited to do this post and i hope you like it.
I`m going to leave you some of my favorite boots that i`ve found so far :)

so the first store i went to was zara and i felt a little disappointed on their shoe collection because normally they have such an amazing collection but this year i feel like they tried to hard to do something different that they end up losing a little bit of all the glamour that zara has to offer. Anyway  i still found these three pair that i absolutely loved...

 this ones cost 49,95 EUR which for a pair of shoes from zara isn`t much at all.

this second pair is a little bit more rocky style but i still loved it. they cost 59.95 EUR which is a little bit more expensive but still for zara shoes is a good price.

So the last pair i loved in zara were this black/brown and pink pastel kind of colour. They are from TRF and cost 29.95 EUR so a completely bargain for a pair of zara shoes.

the next store i went was topshop and i must say i found the most amazing shoes ever.
the first ones are this kind of chelsea boots (which i have been looking for in a while and finally found them!!!!!!) and i know they are all in black but in my opinion chelsea boots look the best in black 





50.00EUR                                                                                     59.90EUR

so still in topshop i thought i would show you other random ankle boots i loved




So this is it everybody if like some other ankle boots let me know in the coments and if you like this kind of post or if you want me to do something else just let me know. 
Xx Bea <3

terça-feira, 9 de setembro de 2014


hello everyone!!! here i´m going to leave you some ideas on how to style some autum/winter items i hope you like it if you do let me know and if you don`t please let me know i would love to know your opinions and ideas also if you have some item of cloth you are not really sure how to use send a picture and i will give you some ideas on how i would wear it. thank you so much for seeing my blog i hope you enjoy it :)
Xx Bea <3

quarta-feira, 5 de março de 2014


hello guys I just started a new blog. I love fashion and beauty so that`s what my blog will be about I hope you enjoy it! Xx